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Yeats College (Pty) Ltd provides free tertiary education to matriculated but unemployed 18 to 29-year olds in Soweto, Katlehong and Thokoza.


A two-year business management diploma or two-year project management diploma are offered. Both courses are challenging and meant for people who are serious about their futures.


Corporate South Africa sponsor’s one or more students under the benefits offered by the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) and/or Skills Development Levy (SDL).


You can attend the Employment Tax Incentive workshop on the 22 May 2019 in Parktown, Johannesburg or you can contact the principal for more information. eMail info@yeatscollege.co.za



Why educating and training the uneducated and/or untrained is good for business



“Unemployed youth are characterized by their lack of employability resulting from a range of socio-economic factors. They often have low levels of education, have dropped out of school and invariably do not have the literacy, numeracy and communication skills needed in the labour market.”




Just to remind ourselves, and not disregarding the emergence of 4IR artificial intelligence and/or robotics, success is and will be achieved through people. And, these people, which your business needs, need skills.


Within the context of the 4IR business operating environment, people need to understand the nature of business, implement, manage and work with new and emerging technologies and with one another. They need to be problem solvers, be adaptable, be able to express themselves in both the written and spoken word and make the kinds of ethical/moral life and business decisions that are not ever likely to become elements of any artificial intelligence capability. Sadly, our situation is:

  • Youth between the ages 18 to 29, your feeder group, have an unemployment rate of 55%.

  • The standard of education and the availability of skills amongst the majority of these young South Africans is not very high.

  • Four out of five youth fail to pursue tertiary education due to severe financial constraints.

As we know, post-secondary education is the key to employability. Given our realities, it is understandable why youth unemployment is now at the top of the national agenda. The public sector cannot do it alone. The private sector must take the lead.


If the fight against poverty and unemployment is ever to be won, the provision of tertiary education to all qualifying South Africans is crucial. Free tertiary education can be the factor that allows the financially challenged but intellectually gifted, to be on par with more financially fortunate individuals. The importance of tertiary education cannot be over-emphasised. It is the backbone of society and a major driver behind economic growth and personal financial freedom.


“Let us not lose sight of the unemployment time-bomb in South Africa”

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