·         We run knowledge workshops 
Knowledge development should result in employment or better employment. We run various knowledge workshops such as the Employment Tax Incentive, and workshops aimed at maintaining CPD points for professional accreditation.


“Knowledge is powerful but knowledge shared is even more powerful.”


·         We promote knowledge development 
We promote your business by getting the word out. We do this through structured social media programmes and/or integrated sales campaigns. Two such promotions currently underway are 1. Qbility Workshops and 
2. Yeats College.


“Knowledge is not just knowing about something. It is also knowing where to get it.”


·         We manage events/secure delegates & sponsors
If you wish to run your own event but you are not sure how to go about it, to make it a successful event, call us. We will assist you (for a fee).


“Knowledge is knowing and understanding your own limitations, and what to do about it.”

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